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CS100MB – SPRING2015 Project-Professor Persuad  

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Part 1: Microsoft Office Integration and Practical Assignment

In this practical integration assignment, you are required to use PowerPoint, Word and Access in order to complete the assigned task.
Kevin Watson, sales manager at the CoolWorks Media San Francisco branch, needs to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to executives about current branch sales. He has created an outline of the presentation in a Word document and stored product information in an Access database. The PowerPoint presentation will also include an embedded Excel worksheet and a linked Excel chart. When you finish all the required tasks, the six slides in the PowerPoint presentation should look like FIGURE CS-10.
Open These Files:
Word: Open CS-8a.docx and save it as CooiWorks Media Sales Outline.docx
Access: Open CS-8b.accdb, save it as CooiWorks Media Sales.accdb, and then enable content
1. In Word, switch to Outline view, promote the heading Store Revenue to Level 1, demote the heading Three categories: to Level 2, then save and close the document
2. In PowerPoint, save a blank presentation as CoolWorks Media Sales Presentation.pptx, then import the Word outline CoolWorks Media Sales Outline.docx
3. Delete the blank slide 1, apply the Title Slide layout to the new slide title, then apply the Facet theme to the entire presentation
4. Go to Slide 2, insert an embedded Microsoft Excel worksheet, resize it to approximately four columns and seven rows, change the font size for the entire sheet to 28 point, then using FIGURE CS-10 as a guide, enter all the labels and percentages for A1:CS and A6, widening columns as needed, enter the formulas to calculate the percentage total for each of the two years in B6 and C6, format the cells as a table using the Table Style Medium 7 style and converting the formatted table as a range, then position the worksheet
5. In Access, copy the Downloads Query, open a new blank workbook in Excel, paste the Access query as a link, save the Excel workbook as CoolWorks Media Presentation Data.xlsx, then enter labels and formulas in the range E3:G4 to calculate the total downloads for each of the three categories: Movies, Music, and TV Shows
6. Create a 2-D pie chart from the range E3:G4, apply Chart Layout 2 and Style 3, change the chart title to Downloads by Category, save the file, copy the chart, then go to Slide 3 in PowerPoint and paste the chart (Note: By default the chart is pasted as a link and takes on the theme of the destination file.)
7. In Access, open the Downloads table, widen columns if necessary, change the number of downloads for "A Painter's Daughter'' to 180000 (Hint remember to press [Enter] after typing the value}, then close the table
8. In Excel, wait for the link to update (Note: the link could take up to three minutes to update}, switch to PowerPoint and verify that the Movies slice is 47%, resize the chart to fit the space, view the presentation in Slide Sorter view, compare it to FIGURE CS-10, then break the link between Excel and Access and between PowerPoint and Excel.
Print and Close Files:
PowerPoint: Type your name below the title on Slide 1, print the presentation as handouts with 6 slides per page, then save and close the presentation.
Excel: Type your name in cell A19, print the worksheet, then save and close the workbook Access: Type your name in the Title column in the row 15 below "Coffee Wars" of the Downloads table, print the datasheet, and then close the database.


Figure CS-10 Sample Completed Powerpoint


Part II – Related Research Assignment

Research Assignment (3 - 5 Pages): You are required to write a research report on the topic listed below using the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers as a style guide (or any other style guide of your choosing). Your research report must contain a bibliography which must include 5 sources and contain citations from both print and electronic sources. You may include sources from the following: books, journal articles, newspaper articles, journal articles obtained from an electronic database, and federal or state documents.

Topic:How Is Microsoft Office Used in the Business World and how is the integration of the different office application helping business function more effectively? Please explain with specific examples. 

Suggested Resources

Try looking for articles from the following Databases:

Business Source Premier

Academic Search Premier

Computer Database

Academic One File

Infotrac Newstand

Try different keyword searches such as:

Microsoft Office AND productivity.

Click here for the Databases Page

For ebooks, try the Ebsco eBook Collection


    MLA Citation Help


    Solution File to Submit

    Remember to Submit:
     CoolWorks Media Sales Outline.docx,
     CoolWorks Media Sales.accdb,
     CoolWorks Media Sales Presentation.pptx
     CoolWorks Media Presentation Data.xlsx
     CP100Research Report.docx


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